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Civitas Learning

UX Research and Product Design for Data Integration

by Julia E. Durall
Title Page for Data Integration Project


Civitas Learning creates software for the higher education industry, which enables institutions to use machine learning with their existing data to identify the best ways in which to improve student outcomes such as retention and graduation rates.

Overview of Project

Stage 1 - Product Deep Dive

Team Members
Research Questions

Stage 2 - Ideation and Concepting

Ideation and Concepting
Ideation and Concepting

Stage 3 - Testing and Interviews

I presented my initial round of mockups to our VP of Product and Strategy for review.  She was a co-founder of the company, and had in-depth knowledge of the history of each of the products I was working within.  She made suggestions for fine-tuning the text descriptions I used in the course signal messaging so they would be more consistent with what the product actually does.

She also directed me toward two of our product educators/consultants (Lori and Chuck), who both had previous experience as academic advisors, since advisors would be one of the primary users of this information.

Ideation and Concepting

Stage 4 - Refinement and Presentation

Ideation and Concepting
Ideation and Concepting

Stage 5 - Project Summary

Ideation and Concepting